Fairy Garden Centre

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Earth Dweller's Cottage

This beautiful cottage, guarded by the magic frog, will attract happy gnomes into your backyard and ..

Fae Forest House

A little rabbits~ fairies best friends, always guard their Forest House, while fairies do their work..

Fairy Queen's Summer Palace

Fairy Queen loves her vacations and often visits her Summer Palace. Make her comfortable and she..

Gateway To Fairyland

Step on the staircase and make your way up. As you walk through the door, you may be able to enter ..

Gnome's House

Not only gnomes, but also fairies are welcomed to this House. A perfect decoration for your gard..

Green Pixie's House

Pixies come, pixies go, but be sure they will always return to this Enchanting Home. Dimensions: ..

Leprechaun's Place

Attract prosperity into your home, by inviting a Leprechaun to your backyard by this Enchanting Home..

The Doorway To The Fairy Realm

Welcome the beautiful, mysterious creatures from the other realm to your garden. They will look af..

The Flower Fairies Haven

A little squirrel invites you to the Flower Fairies Haven, where everything blossoms and shines. ..

Toadstool Magic House

A yellow bird guarding the Toadstool Magic House, will call in the trooping fairies to visit your ga..

Willow's Fairy Oasis

A tea pot turned into a Fairy Oasis, is where Willow's Fairy found her bliss. She welcomes frien..

Woodland's Fairy House

Cosy, grounded, happy home, that's where woodland fairy belongs. Invite her to your garden by br..