Terms & Conditions

Please make yourself aware of the information below, before deciding to become a Hawthorn Distribution Ltd member.  These are the full Trade Terms and Conditions of Membership. Customers are agreeing to the following Trade Terms and Conditions before membership/purchase has commenced.

Trade Services and Conditions of Use

As part of our trade service, we agree to provide you with information and other services that we may decide to offer, subject to the terms of this agreement. Upon notice published through the service, we may modify this agreement at any time. You agree and continue to agree to use our services in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the policies and guidelines outlined below. Please note that you will be referred to as 'customer' in this agreement.


Membership will start upon payment of the joining fee, and customers are agreeing to this when joining. No refund will be given if a member decides to cancel membership at anytime. Written confirmation of these terms and conditions can be sent to you by post within 7 working days, if requested. This rule is in full accordance with Trading Standards in the United Kingdom. 


Please also note, that Hawthorn Distribution Ltd will only supply our products on a trade-only basis, and we do not supply products on a retail basis. We do not deal with consumers. If you, the trade customer decides to join Hawthorn Distribution Ltd, then it is your own responsibility to declare yourself as a trader; if and when you need to do so. Product examples, as seen on our website are also subject to change.


Membership prices, and all website confidential information, or any communications between Hawthorn Distribution Ltd and the customer/member must NOT be displayed outside of the Hawthorn Distribution Ltd website, and any members found doing so will have their membership terminated without warning. Such actions may also result in direct legal action being taken against the offending person/s for breach of copyright, and confidentiality. The terms of service agreement is between the customer and Hawthorn Distribution Ltd, and must not be offered or presented to any third-party or any public domain. Such actions will result in cancellation of membership, and possible legal action for confidentiality abuse. Customers are agreeing to this condition when joining our website.


Initial website content, including but not limited to pictures and graphics of products and services available are subject to change without notice. Due to the nature of the drop shipping, wholesale supplier market, it is not possible to update our website description, and promotions on a daily basis, in conjunction with availability of products. Customers are also in agreement with this fact before deciding to join our website.


Product Promotion

Hawthorn Distribution Ltd cannot, and do not accept any responsibility for any issues which arise due to the customer using our drop shipping facility. It is the customer's responsibility where they ultimately decide to promote our products. Hawthorn Distribution Ltd are not an affiliate of any auction website, and do not directly encourage promotion to any particular auction venue.


It is also the customer's responsibility to seek out terms and conditions from their desired selling platform before deciding to promote our products accordingly on such a venue. If the mentioned auction website does not approve of drop shipping as a means of transaction, then Hawthorn Distribution Ltd cannot and do not accept any liability for any complications which may, or may not occur as a result of using our drop shipping facility.


Website Access - Drop shipping Service

Hawthorn Distribution Ltd cannot, and do not hold responsibility for any disruption in website access which is beyond our control, including (but not limited to) server breakdown, website viruses, power cuts or computer related problems.

Clients are responsible for keeping their pricing and data up to date. 

Hawthorn Distribution Ltd can also not be held responsible for lack of website access, due to staff shortages and staff holidays, in which it is not deemed possible to manage the website to full capacity.

All periods of website inactivity due to staff holidays will be made available to all customers one (1) month in advance - unless a customer joins our website after the period of inactivity has been announced. In this circumstance, whereby a new customer decides to join our website during, or just before the period of inactivity, then Hawthorn Distribution Ltd cannot be held responsible for any lack of service offered during the above mentioned period.

Customers must be in full agreement to this before paying their fee for membership/access to csv files.


Membership/Website Purchase

Customers opting to purchase the Membership/Website option are agreeing to the following conditions of sale before proceeding:


Customers are accepting that up on purchase of the above mentioned packages, that the service will start immediately. Website creation will also start immediately. No refunds will be given to customers for membership, or the purchase of websites.


Customers purchasing websites may use their own domain name if they so wish. If you wish to use your own domain name, then it is the customer's responsibility to carry out all actions to ensure the domain name is pointing to the relevant name servers, to ensure correct function of the website concerned.

Hawthorn Distribution reserve the right to end integration, hosting or withhold orders for unpaid invoices.


Product Data

Customers making use of our data do so at their own risk. While we maintain data updates monthly we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data. Pictures are for illustration purposes only and brands regularly update their packaging without informing suppliers. Updated brand packaging does not warrant a claim for an incorrect item shipped. Products cannot be sold based on an image and it up to the customer to make this clear on their respective selling platform.

Delivery & Returns

All orders are sent using the cheapest option unless otherwise advised. We advise clients to use recorded delivery which require a signature on delivery for both customer and client security. We can accept no liability for losses if the shipments you select are not recorded or signed for. If insurance is included we will make a claim on your behalf and credit your account if successful. International shipments are sent by non signed airmail as standard. Many items are exempt from claims by UK carriers, clients can choose not to sell products that are on the exemption list. A full breakdown can be viewed here. We cannot be held liable for any rejected claims made to couriers on your behalf.

Returns must be agreed with Hawthorn Distribution Ltd before sending. The customer should return the order along with the order number and a description of the reasoning. For damage claims, a picture should be sent for assessment before deciding if a return is necessary. 

Trade order cancellations or general returns attract a 15% restocking fee when in a perfect resalable condition. We do not accept goods nor refund any items that are not in a new selling condition. Clients can manage their own returns of which no restocking fee applies. Purchaser must notify and receive acknowledgement by email prior to returning merchandise. Orders can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Incorrect shipping documentation may incur Customs charges and taxes for which the purchaser will be responsible.



The delivery address for returns is: 

Returns Dept

Dispatch Center 7

70A Chancellors Rd



United Kingdom



Returned items should be sent 2nd class recorded for the customers security. 

If a product has to be replaced we will cover the cost of sending out the replacement. If a returned product is found to be not faulty, the product will be returned to the customer at their expense. 


No invoice details will be included in your customer order, so they will not receive any information that is not meant for them. A return address label is attached to each order with our returns address on it (see above), if an order cannot be delivered the Depot may keep it for five days, after that it will be returned to sender.

Stock & Inventory

Every effort is made to ensure that all products are in full supply where available, products that are not available are normally back in stock within 3-4 days, subject to manufacturer availability.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, but we accept no liability for any errors on the site. The opening of accounts is at the discretion of the company, Hawthorn Distribution Ltd reserves the right to suspend or close accounts that misuse our system, or for any other reason without notice.

Hawthorn Distribution Ltd reserves the right to change the terms & Conditions without notice.

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